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The main stand (tribuna) and the lateral stand (lateral) offer the same view obviously, but price difference is due to the main stands services being better. Palau Reial : for

access gates 7-15 (also OK for access gates 4-6). In22days, friday, June :00 PM, bara Legends vs Manchester United Legends. Click here for the stadium sections map. Barcelona has one of the best football teams in the world, FC Barcelona, and a visit.  Seat holders whos seats are sold receive 50 of the purchase price, which motivates the them to release their seats if they do not attend. If you cannot do that, or if youve bought the ticket while in Barcelona and do not have a printer you can save the PDF archive on a portable storage device and ask your hotel to print it for you or go to an Internet. Remember, all lines will stop. The best place to buy the tickets is the official, fC Barcelona website,. Today the Children in the Camp Nou option is only available if the child is a club member and is younger than 8 and the process itself makes it inaccessible for non-residents and open only for club members (and even then its not guaranteed). I think the best way to secure a Barcelona ticket is purely online. In addition, as the website is only a mediator and the vendors are private citizens or agencies you might find yourself without tickets (it has happened before when sellers and agents disappeared without delivering the tickets) or running across town to get them. It is, also, possible to buy the tickets once in Barcelona but, usually, it is not a good idea as the match can be sold out by then, all the good seats might be taken or the only available seats might be in separate locations. If you re counting at the box. E-ticket is available through Passbook for Iphone and Passwallet for Android phones (details here ). Lower and more central tiers will energy also have better atmosphere, as many times the upper and cheaper tiers are half empty and occupied mainly by tourists.

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